About me

Sudarshan is a Data Scientist and a Senior Manager of Data Mining and Analytics in one of the large Silicon Valley companies by day, and a writer by night. He is a Production Engineer from VJTI Mumbai, MBA from San Francisco State University, Stanford Certified in Strategy and a research scholar working on his PhD in predictive analytics from Symbiosis International University. He splits his life between San Jose, USA and Pune, India with his wife, their two sons and a golden retriever dog named Steffy who is the furry love of his life. ‘Love Trumps All!’ is his first novel.

He has fallen in love with writing fuzzy emotions after two decades of working with numbers that are predictably integer, real or imaginary. He promises to get into full time writing  and retire from counting numbers if his debut book gets an average 4+ rating from at least 1000 readers (with standard deviation of a 0.25!). Do take a moment to rate his book!

On a lighter note, I feel like a mispackaged box of nuts in a fancy gift-wrapped box.

Let me decipher my name for you to elaborate what I mean by that:

Sudarshan (सुदर्शन) means Someone with good looks!
Sudhir (सुधीर) means Someone with good patience!!
Mahabal (महाबळ) means the one with great physical strength!!!

I am a simple guy who is not great looking with NO patience whatsoever and without physical strength to boast about. Now you know what name baggage I need to carry with me! Just wanted to clarify this here for The Namesake so that you know what to expect when we meet!!